Friday, August 9, 2013

Gold Accents & DIY Paint Dipped Bottles

Lately, I've been adding little touches of gold around the maisonnette, just to glam it up a bit! First I started with a picture frame, then a few old bottles that looked like they could use some love. 

I painted a wooden frame that I had lying around gold a few weeks ago, and I love how the antiqued gold shows off the vintage picture of my Grandma. Painting the frame inspired me to add a few more gold touches around the TV console, and these "gold dipped" bottles were the perfect complement. 
Vintage picture of my Grandma,  gold painted frame
I used this picture of gold dipped milk bottles as my inspiration, but instead of tracking down milk bottles I used an old wine bottle, jam jar and spice container. 
"Gold dipping" the bottles was fairly straight forward. I simply taped off the parts of the bottles that I wanted to stay clear, and spray painted the rest. 

I let the bottles dry for about 10 minutes before I carefully pulled the painter's tape off and let them dry outside overnight. 

I like the way that the three bottles look grouped together, but I might add a few more in the future. I think they'd also look great with flowers in them! 

Have you added any gold touches to your decor lately? 


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