Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DIY Chalkboard

Friends! As I mentioned in my last Friday 5 post, I had been planning on adding a chalkboard to the maisonnette for some time, but couldn't find one that was the right size or the right price. So, whats a girl to do? Make her own!

I found a 1/4" sheet of plywood at Lowes & chalkboard paint at Hobby Lobby, and went to town last weekend making my own chalkboard.

Instead of hanging it on the wall, I decided to affix it to the front door, so I can write reminders and quotes that I'll see when I walk out of the door. To do this I simply used Command Picture Hangers that are sticky on both sides, this way the chalkboard will be easy to remove in the future.

This project took about 1 hour of actual work, 25 hours of waiting (for the paint to dry), and about $20 for supplies. It was fairly quick & simple, and I absolutely love the result!


Friday, November 15, 2013

The Friday 5

Hey there friends! Last weekend and this week were fairly busy for me, but I'm hoping to carve out a few hours to tackle some projects around the maisonnette this weekend. I hope y'all have had a great week, here is my Friday 5! 

1. I’ve been planning a new little project for the maisonnette, and hoping that I’ll be able to finish it this weekend. Hint: it involves chalkboard paint!
2. This simple roasted chicken dish is just another example of a few simple ingredients coming together to make an amazing meal.
3. A few weeks ago I purchased this inexpensive floor lamp for the living room. Although it serves its purpose, I’m dying to spruce it up a little. Right now I’m debating painting the base and/or painting the shade. Any thoughts?
4. These black d’orsay flats are calling my name. I’m always a sucker for suede, and love that they could be dressed up or down.
5. The men of my family have always been avid hunters, and my parents home has always been filled with mounted deer heads and antler decor. While I was at their house last weekend I grabbed an antler and added it to my fall decor.