Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Five

Happy Friday friends! I hope you all have had a great week, I know mine has been very busy. Without further ado, heres my Friday 5!
1. Earlier this week, I picked up this beautiful ginger jar, marked "Kaiser W. Germany" on the bottom, from a local antique store. For only $22, I love it & think it's a steal! 

2. I'm loving this idea, of running basic party napkins through the printer to add your own sayings, and I'll have to try it out once I fix my computer/printer issue. 

3. Recently I stumbled upon Inslee by Design, a small sketched stationary and print shop that I'm loving. I think one of her prints might have to make an appearance on my gallery wall soon. 

4. Feeling inspired by all of the beautiful watercolor prints I've pinned on pinterest lately, I'm thinking about trying my hand at watercolor. It can't be that difficult....right? 

5. This coming Monday, most of my friends will be starting classes again for the fall semester. Monday will also be the first time I haven't gone back to school in the in 17 years. Strange. 

Thanks for reading! 


Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Five

Happy Friday everyone! I've been trying to get my act together enough to start a little series on the blog, and the Friday Five seemed like a perfect place to start. Most Fridays I am going to share with you 5 things that have been happening around the maisonnette, or things that I have been loving during the week. Hopefully it'll be a great way to share more with all of you, and keep me on a better posting schedule. So without further ado, here is the first Friday 5!
1. Almost as soon as I hit publish on my last post, I started restyling the TV console and entryway shelves again. This is how they're looking now, but who knows for how much longer...

2. I have been trying to jump on the bar cart bandwagon for a little while, but all of the ones I love seem to be way out of my price range. This gold tray & stand from World Market might be just the ticket.

3. I've been on a black and white kick for a little while, and I'm absolutely in love with this typography print. I think it'd make a great addition to my gallery wall.

4. Cauliflower. While I've always liked cauliflower, I'm just now stumbling upon all of these neat ways to use it instead of grains... I made cauliflower 'rice' Wednesday night, using this recipe as a guide and I'm very excited to try this next!

5. I love summer just as much as the next girl, but the heat wave that hit Jacksonville this week has me wishing for fall. Football games, jeans, sweaters, and temperatures below 90 degrees cannot come soon enough!

Thanks for reading! 


Friday, August 9, 2013

Gold Accents & DIY Paint Dipped Bottles

Lately, I've been adding little touches of gold around the maisonnette, just to glam it up a bit! First I started with a picture frame, then a few old bottles that looked like they could use some love. 

I painted a wooden frame that I had lying around gold a few weeks ago, and I love how the antiqued gold shows off the vintage picture of my Grandma. Painting the frame inspired me to add a few more gold touches around the TV console, and these "gold dipped" bottles were the perfect complement. 
Vintage picture of my Grandma,  gold painted frame
I used this picture of gold dipped milk bottles as my inspiration, but instead of tracking down milk bottles I used an old wine bottle, jam jar and spice container. 
"Gold dipping" the bottles was fairly straight forward. I simply taped off the parts of the bottles that I wanted to stay clear, and spray painted the rest. 

I let the bottles dry for about 10 minutes before I carefully pulled the painter's tape off and let them dry outside overnight. 

I like the way that the three bottles look grouped together, but I might add a few more in the future. I think they'd also look great with flowers in them! 

Have you added any gold touches to your decor lately?