Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Five

Happy Friday, friends! It's been a busy week and I'm very excited for this 3-day weekend! I'm a little behind on my Friday Five posts, so this one includes some favorites from the last few weeks!  
1 | My best friend from highschool was in town for the Player's Championship a few weeks ago and it was so great seeing her! It always amazes me how we can pick right back up where we left off after not seeing each other for more than a year.

2 | I just finished The Girl On The Train, making it the 6th book I have read so far this year! A little dark and very Gone Girl - ish, it was a quick read that had me guessing until the last few pages. 

3 | Love this idea for a container salsa garden! I might have to try my hand at something similar for my itty-bitty patio. 

4 | My dad's birthday was two weeks ago, and I made a delicious (and lightened-up) blueberry cobbler based on a recipe from the Skinnytaste Cookbook for the celebration!

5 | This online shopping guide looks like a great, extensive resource for shopping for your home! 

What are your plans for Memorial Day weekend? I'll be playing kickball Sunday for a friend's birthday and trying to spend as much time as possible outside with friends and family! 


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