Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday 5

Friends! I've been under the weather this week but wanted to stop in and share my Friday Five with you. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, mine will be spent resting and recovering. 
1 | This is an interesting list from the kitchn, 30 recipies to know by the age of 30. While it might not work for everyone, I still think its a good starting point!    

2 | Loving these 22 tips to make the most of your decorating dollars. Sometimes big impact doesn't require a lot of money! 

3 | I made myself this no noodle pad thai for dinner on Tuesday and it was quick, fabulous and not too spicy or peanut-y (thats a thing, right?). 

4 | These Sperrys look like a great mix between a traditional boat shoe and a flat. I'm also a sucker for the gold laces, and they're on sale! 

5 | We've all seen stuffed peppers and tomatoes, but stuffed red onions? These will be on the menu for next week! 


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