Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Five

Hello friends! Long time, no blog. I started a new job a few weeks ago, and am still adjusting to the longer hours. But without any more excuses, here is my Friday Five! 
1. Its finally starting to feel a little like fall in Florida, so I spruced up the maisonnette with a few fall touches. This area next to the TV is my favorite.  

2. Almost 10 months after graduating college, I finally framed my diploma last weekend. This probably won't be its permanent frame, but for now I just love that its on display! 

3. I prettied up my bedside lamp the other day by adding a simple black ribbon to the top and bottom of the shade. A simple upgrade, but it makes it stand out a little more. 
apologies for the crappy iphone picture
4. My new job requires that I wear closed-toe flats, every day. It turns out that for a girl with a fair number of shoes, my selection of comfortable, closed-toe shoes is slim. I'd love to add this camel leather pair to the mix soon. 
5. After visiting a very cute plant nursery in Tallahassee last weekend, I came home with a two more succulents and a new square brass planter! 

What have y'all been up to this week? 


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